William Mitchell



Franco-Flemish harpsichord.

French cabriole leg stand.
Painted deep cannon-brown.
Gold leaf on all moldings and legs. Wide gold bands on lid top.
Decorated soundboard with flowers arranged in the French style painted in egg tempera by Dawn Carol Leigh.
Oil painting inside the lid after François Boucher (1755) entitled ‘Spring’ from the series ‘The Four Seasons’ contained in the Frick collection, New York City.
Keyboard in exotic woods: Primavera for the sharps and Circassian Walnut for the naturals.
Leather-topped stool.
Pitch at A=440.
Disposition: 2 x 8 foot + 1 x 4 foot + lute (buff)
Compass: GG to g3 - 61 notes - 5 octaves

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